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Mrs. F’s Pockets

Guess what this month’s virtue is at Rush Hour?  Responsibility: showing you can be trusted with what is expected of you.  Guess who blew that one last week… you got it, ME!  I can’t even hide behind my co-host character “V” this time, this one was aaaallll on me.  

Taking a break from my Shakespeare costumes to make a little something for a friend.


Darlene (who plays Mrs. F) asked me FOREVER ago to add some pockets to her costume’s apron.  Pockets are important for Mrs. F.  and Darlene has sweetly been waiting FOREVER.  Did I mention it was a long time she’s been waiting?  Well it’s true.  

I was caught up in my own mess over my character “V” being scripted to be mean to everyone in the world last week, and completely forgot Darlene had asked me to give her some pockets.  I felt really bad about that, but I am the QUEEN OF MAKING UP FOR MY MISTAKES!!!  (it’s true, but don’t be jealous, it takes alot of screwing up to get this good at fixing things.) 

… and THIS had gone on long enough! 

So, I did not make pockets for Mr’s F’s old apron.  Oh NO!  I made her a set of aprons (ALL WITH POCKETS) so she will have an apron for every season.   OK, maybe not EVERY season, but a bunch of seasons.  (pictures below) 

Pockets? We got pockets! Oh Yay-uh!


The pattern was easy, Simplicity 5154, and the fabric required was only 1 yard per apron.  I made five of them.  Normally, I would pick up fabric at Wally World, but these were a special make-things-right gift, so I went to Michael’s craft store and upgraded the quality somewhat.    

We got’cher autumn corn, yer pink spring polka dots, yer green ‘n red Christmas polka dots, yer old glory for His glory, and some colorful puzzle pieces (see below for more about the puzzle fabric). 

I’ll still add pockets to the first “classic” Mrs. F’s apron, but for now, Darlene should be set with these, doncha think? 

More pics: 

The 'ole Singer was getting a workout today.


I have a hard time just making one of anything I guess.


Here are the pockets before I sewed them on.Simplicity pattern #5154.


The sale of this fabric benefits people with Autism. How cool is that?


Shakespeare in the house!

For Oct. 3rd’s Rush Hour, I need to come up with quick-change Shakespeare costumes for both campuses.  I’ve decided to go with an oversized “pirate” shirt, you know, puffy sleeves, simple neckline… very loose, black knee-length pants, a big low-slung belt and a fun Shakespeare-ish hat.    Here’s the pattern I chose for the shirt.  I found fabric for $1.50/yard at my fave discount store “Wally-World”. Woot the fact that it is October and cheap fabric is readily available for Halloween! 

Simplicity pattern. click to enlarge.

I liked this design alot!  I even tested it out sewing it in pink and purple cammo material… which of course I will use for my “V” character later in the season.  Adding in a pink “Hanna Montana” fedora.  Yes, I’ll post pics later.

 I also need to make some human-sized computer costumes.   Aaaand, with some slight modifications, we’ll re-use the purple Captain Individuality” costumes for a new character… “Captain Moxy!” 

This shirt SO reminds me of the “Puffy Shirt” episode from Jerry Seinfeld!

Jerry's "Puffy Shirt"

Stay tuned for updates and pics as the project progresses.  

hugs, V-

Praise Team Workshop 9/19/10

What a DAY! 

OK, true confessions,  I was not aware that I had an acting “comfort zone”  but apparently I do.  This morning as a co-host (Comic Host) in RH, I had to use really harsh, insulting words to fellow cast members, tech crew, audience, you name ’em, I was rude to ’em… all for the purpose of teaching the virtue of responsibility… specifically, we need to be responsible for our WORDS.  I got myself wrapped around the axle over this to the point of tears, so worried that our audience wouldn’t understand I was playing a part…  and wondering if they would ever trust (and like) me again. 

But our audience was great… I think I have been forgiven, right?  You forgive me? 

Well, anyway… it really showed me in a FRESH NEW WAY that we will always be challenged in the Rush Hour program, God will NEVER let us become bored or stale if we hold His hand and face the hard stuff.  If God is with us, who can stand against us?  Thanks Phil for your prayers.  And thank you, RH families for letting us take you out of your comfort zones today. 

OK, so now that my nerves were completely raw, I was spiritually and emotionally drained and vulnerable, today was the day that Phil (our fearless Creative Arts director) had asked me to help him deliver a workshop for our main stage vocalists.  In order to hold a workshop, there is a certain amount of trust involved…  will they listen, will I accidentally say something hurtful, will they give us permission to help?  Will we bore the veterans to death? Will we intimidate the newbies?  Arrrrghhhhh! 

It also gave me a fresh appreciation for what our main stage vocalists might be going through today.  When you ask someone to step out of their comfort zone, it’s hard!!!  It’s hard!!!! Especially when they are people you love and respect in a myriad of ways, and you are tasked with helping them find a way to fine-tune something as personal as a performance style…   Sheesh!  Who am I, Lord?  I’m a mess and my mamma dresses me funny, how am I supposed to share what I know with people who are captains of industry, professional speakers, and folks from all walks of life… including an exhausted praise crew who just left it all on the field this morning when they led worship.!?

So Phil and I have spent weeks praying and meeting over the content, even though we give 1-2 of these workshops a year for the RH staff… this felt different.  Who are WE to be telling main stage singers stuff… we’re from the KIDS program for crying out loud! 

God is good.  I’m so exhausted and so high on the glory of God right now I am overwhelmed.  The Praise Team opened themselves up to us so we could teach and guide and reflect and encourage, and I re-connected with a very dear friend, and God gave me the conviction and the courage to put words to a long overdue apology I needed to make, and WHOA NELLIE!  Did I mention God is good? 

Thank you to all the veterans and the new recruits who attended today.  I wish I had pics! 

I considered posting our presentation notes, but you know what?  I think I won’t do that.  A workshop like that is not something you can set in cement, is it?  It’s a class where the coaches learn as much as the other participants, so maybe it’s best to leave it at that.   

I was blessed today.  Thank you, God.  Thanks Praise Team. Thanks Phil. 

hugs, V-

Bats in our Belfry!

Every church faces unique challenges.  One of the challenges we face at the Niwot Rush Hour campus is…. BATS!!!  The venue for our Rush Hour has a ceiling which is very dark and if you are a bat, apparently it is rather “cave-like”.  There are lots of honey bees in the area for bat food since our church is located in a semi-rural area. These bats are bug-a-vors… you know, bug-a-tarians.  So once in a while, we get bat fly-by’s during rehearsal (and yes, occasionally on Sunday mornings.)      

Some churches would call an exterminator, but not RMCC!  Oh NO!  we don’t because…      

1.  Our church is located in Boulder County, Colorado, and the word “exterminator” is a dirty word around these parts.  We have learned to embrace and live harmoniously with prairie dogs, bats, and all kinds of critters.      

2.  These particular bats belong to an endangered species!      

Ozark big-ear bat


 I don’t know which specific species of endangered bat we occasionally host, but according to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, there are five endangered types that can be found in Colorado.    

Since our fearless leader (Phil) and our vocalist par excellahhhhnce (Christina) are both Ozark Bible College grads,  our bats HAVE to be “Ozark big-eared bats”, doncha think?  OK, they are more likely Townsend big-ear bats, but it’s hard to get a good look at ’em when they are doing acrobatics 30 feet up in the air. HA! I just wrote “acro-BAT-ics!”      

Another Ozark big-eared bat

   I’m kinda fond of them, I think they are cute, and they are no more distracting than a sparrow in the rafters, but our producers sit in a booth that overlooks the performance venue… right about eye-level when the a bat sneaks back in for a fly-by!  It really freaks them out!  (the producers, not the bats). The bats seem pretty happy, actually.  They love us.      

They help create a fairly bug-free zone around the church, too.  LOL.  Call me crazy, but I prefer a bat to a mosquito any day!  Phil (Creative Arts Director) said, “I haven’t been bitten by a mosquito around here for years! Haven’t seen a praying mantis, a cricket, you name it.”    

Townsend's big-eared bat


 What do we do, you ask?  Lots of heavy-duty caulking to keep them outdoors where they belong, we built bat boxes (like bird houses for bats) so they would re-locate to an area on our property farther away from our performance venue, and…. we have developed a close working relationship with a professional who uses live traps to capture and release them.  They don’t make a mess because we don’t let them stay long enough to get comfy, and our ceiling design protects those at floor level from any … um… stuff.   Wouldn’t you love to see that line-item on the church budget?  Humane endangered bat relocation services.    ROFL!    When we get one of these furry little visitors, I don’t know who has the highest pitched squeal… the bat or the kids in the crew!    Want more info?   http://wildlife.state.co.us/WildlifeSpecies/Profiles/Mammals/BatsofColorado/ThreatstoBats.htm     

hugs, v-

Orange Tour – 2010

Reggie Joiner and crew presented the road-tour Orange workshop at RMCC this summer.  Here are a couple of pics. 

Phil Christian, Marie Dudrey, and Joy Springer enjoy Reggie Joiner's presentation.


Amanda R enjoys RJ's talk.


We were so honored to host this event.  Come back soon guys!!!! 

hugs, v-

A pox on Mrs. F’s Hands!

Last season, Mrs. F.  contracted some mysterious allergy or condition or other whacky circumstance that made her hands swell up… well, of course, we couldn’t just use oversized Micky Mouse gloves… oh no!  With a pair of gloves as a liner, a little cotton batting, some nylon hosiery, and a red magic marker… voila!!!     

This is Darlene, our Frederick Campus  Mrs. F,  modeling the results.     

Gotta hand it to Mr.s F!


 Add a little hot glue and some rhinestones and BAM! instant wedding ring!  Darlene was SO patient with this!  We love you, Darlene!     

hugs, V-     

Rush Hour Rehearsals

Donna (comic host) and Dawn (credible host)  rehearsing an opening skit on the virtue of  PEACE.  Donna’s cowboy was hilarious.  

Dawn and Donna rehearse for RH


I ,  on the other hand, was in the Drive venue that day (large group for 1-4th graders) trying to find some comedy in the name “Abimelech”.  

hugs, v- 

D & D make great pah-dners.


Never, I repeat, never… give Donna a leaf blower.


... and if you do, never, I repeat never, let her plug said leaf blower in!

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