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Aladdin Pics

Aladdin 2010

Here are some pics of the revamped Aladdin costume from the Fredrick holiday open house this year.  The best part is not the way the camel looks, it’s the way the people around him are reacting that is so much fun. 

I’d like to resculpt the body shape and match the leg fabric to the body, but sigh…. maybe next year.


hugs, v-

WATCH OUT! (they spit!)


Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s off to Cairo we GO!

Are you kidding me?  I haven’t posted since November 10th and here it is a few days before Christmas!?  Wow, it’s been busy around here.  I’m not much on sending Christmas cards… I buy them every year and never get around to sending them.  So, here’s my version of that sappy letter – only so much happened this last year, it’s too much to talk about, so I’ll just talk about the last couple of weeks.  LOL!

Sight seeing at the Pyramids near Cairo

A few years ago, hubbie Ted and I decided we were empty nesters and wanted a smaller house.  Well, this year we changed our minds and spent most of November packing and moved into our new home just before Thanksgiving.  The DAY before Thanksgiving in fact.  But do you think a little thing like that would stop us from hosting a family gathering for Thanksgiving?  NO WAY!!!  We had special friends and family get-togethers on both Thursday and Friday to christen the new house with the sound of laughter, and praise, and football of course! 

I revamped “Aladdin the Camel” this year.  If you read the series I did on how he was constructed, you’ll know I never liked the way his neck was connected to his body.  So I redid that this year. I didn’t get to actually see the new design in action (Except when I co-erced my bff Donna to leave her sick-bed and drive all the way to my house to try it on! – Thanks D!)   Sooooo, if you went to the Fredrick Open House where Aladdin made his appearance this year, please send me a picture, and I’ll post them here. 

I was also blessed to sit in on the final rehearsals for “Reel to Reel,” the Niwot Campus Christmas presentation hosted by the RMCC Choir, Orchestra, and fabulously talented Tech team.  The concept was brilliant, brilliant I tell you.  🙂  Directed and written by Phil Christian, it featured movie night for Gordo and Grandpa Henry.  Gordo had invented a machine that played video clips from Christmas movies that matched your mood.  It was heart-warming and our two actors Dwight R. and Randy H.  gave wonderful performances. 

The Sphinx. I must have taken a million photos of this guy.

Then it was off to Cairo, Egypt for 9 days!  The PYRAMIDS PEOPLE!!!!!  THE SPHINX!!!  And a loud call to prayer outside my window every morning around 5am.  I made some new friends and saw some incredible sights.  I also came home with a serious cough (if you know my history with pneumonia, you’ll get why that is NOT a good thing)  and a mild case of Tut’s revenge.  But I have scrambled over the stones of the Great Pyramid of Giza, and have touched the beard of the Sphinx (ok, it was a piece of the beard that was a reconstruction of the sphinx and it was in a museum, but STILL!! that means I touched a thing that touched the Sphinx) .  And I visited the artifacts of King Tutankhamun (King Tut).  I had seen many of his artifacts in Chicago when I was a teenager, so it was like visiting an old friend.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.  Twelve crazy taxi’s, eleven street kids hawking, ten camels spitting, nine days in Egypt, eight cough suppressants, seven dust storms dusting, six palm trees swaying, five golden kings (eerrrr, pharaohs I mean) …. four calling mosques, three Coptic churches, Two tour guides, and a life time of memories.

And it’s good to be home to celebrate Christmas. 

 Merry Christmas, everyone. 

hugs, V-

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