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Faux Veggies

Here’s a simple way to make fake food.  Our Family Ministry program usually calls for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner on stage, so this year I decided to make some faux dishes we can store and re-use.  My hope is that the effort spent this year will pay off in a more relaxed holiday season next year, and the year after….and the year – you get my drift.

Corn, broccoli, and asparagus add color to the stage and they were pretty easy to make.

The corn is just foam tubing (the type you get at Home Depot to protect your pipes from winter weather). then I used some left-over yellow fleece which I drew on with a Sharpie marker to get the kernel look.  I hot glued it on the tubing and stacked it on a spray-painted plastic tray.  I hot-glued a few in place on the plate and left a few “loose” so they could be served to plates, picked up by actors, etc).

The asparagus was a little more tricky, but still pretty easy.  I started with some large glue-sticks I had lying around (hubbie bought the large size for me, but I use mini-glue sticks, so I had these extras and no way to use them).  I glued two sticks together, cut some “chips” off the end of each one to form a rough point, and then added hot glue with an uneven, back-and-forth motion to imitate the tip of the asparagus.  Some hot glue and a piece of yellow fleece cut into a square to look like butter and it was almost complete.  I hot glued piles of these together, and left a few loose.  Then I tried the same technique with pencils, to make some of different sizes.  That worked well, I thought, but they looked a little less natural.

glue the two hot-glue sticks together

roughly "round" the ends with scissors.

add hot-glue to the ends to make the "buds" of the asparagus.


...some dark blue spray paint and then some neon green over that and voila!


The brocoli is just cotton balls shaped, hot-glued together, and then spray-painted.  The trick is… for the heads, pull off small chunks of cotton, roll them in the palm of your DAMP hands (not soaking wet, just slightly damp) and then glue them to each other.  It changes the shape enough, and compacts the cotton enough that the look is just right, and the shape will take spray paint without looking “fuzzy.”

a little white/gray or green spray paint will finish off the broccoli and cauliflower.

have fun with the faux food!  hugs, v-


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