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Where’s V these days?

Hi!  In the Spring of 2012, the family ministry program at RMCC moved from the Rush Hour format on to new programming.  Just before the change, I had retired from the Rush Hour program and resigned my position as Creative Arts Assistant, but I love RMCC and will always look back on our Rush Hour days as one of the most creative and challenging periods of my life!  These days, I’m studying studio arts (drawing and ceramics) at Front Range Community College.

My WordPress stats indicate this blog remains fairly active in terms of views, so I’m happy to leave it up as an archive in case other artists, crafters, performers, directors (OK, enough!  You know who you are…) want to use it as a resource.

Oh, and by the way, I finally got a design I liked for the body of Al the camel!  I abandoned the PVC pipe frame and used large sheets of fabric-covered foam for the body.  After three major design iterations, Al turned out better than I ever thought he would.




Comments on: "Where’s V these days?" (2)

  1. Do you still respond to comments? I have a MAJOR question about the camel snout that I just can’t figure out

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