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Mmmmmm, (faux) peppermint pies!

I’ve been making some fake food for our Family Ministry Christmas Program.  Peppermint Pie, cookies, lemon squares… they look yummy!  The cookies, individual pie slices, and bars are made of upholstery foam, the fluffy pink peppermint pie is shaped with soft sculpture (nylon stuffed with polyester craft stuffing) and “iced” with spackling – the kind you use on dry-wall and can get pre-mixed from Home Depot.  That stuff can be piped, spread, and colored just like cake icing.

Peppermint Pie

A little foam cut to the right shape, some spray paint, hot-glue and candy give these the right look.


The lemon bars int the background are spray-painted foam rubber with cake-decorating sugar crystals on top. The green and red sugar cookies in the background are cut from foam, spray-painted, and more cake-decorations applied. The "frosted cookies" are made using foam, spray paint and flour. Flour looks like a dusting of powdered sugar, but will hold up better over time. Powdered sugar is more susceptible to moisture damage.

… happy faux baking!

hugs, v-



Golf anyone?

The Golfer.

Brian D and I needed whacky golf outfits for our church’s family ministry program one Sunday.  (www.rushhourcolorado.com)  I used my go-to pants pattern – shortened at the knee. Elastic at the waist and knees. Added a matching green athletic shirt black socks, the actor’s own dark shoes, and a cotton “sweater vest” I got on sale at where else? Wally World! We had a golfer’s hat in the costume collection at the church (Rocky Mountain Christian Church, Niwot, Colorado).  And VOILA!

Mine was almost identical to this only mine was orange where Brian’s is green. My orange golf shirt was cheap, I raided my husband’s closet for a black sweater vest and I had the socks and shoes already.  For a prop, I also added a “Big Bertha” type driver to mine to punch up the silly factor.

I had a 3-foot caddie we like to call the “Hoblin Nobbit.”  It was his first Rush Hour performance and he was absolutely AWESOME!  Good genes, I guess… his mom plays Sam and his father is a brand new Storyteller this season.  I think the golf bag we asked him to carry was taller than he is!


hugs, v-

The revenge of V’einstein [a.k.a. “Ya! Helga!”]

Oops. <snicker>

I play a Comic Host in Rush Hour, the RMCC family worship experience, but I also work for the Creative Arts Director doing various RH tasks like editing scripts, making props and costumes as needed, stuff like that.

Soooo, I recently revamped a script for Rush Hour and well… first maybe I should explain the way I write…  I let my mind imagine a scene playing out.  I WATCH the scene in my head and just write down what I see and hear.

When I recently edited in an Einstein-type character, the voice I imagined in my head had an exaggerated German accent. Here’s what the actor actually needed to say…

COMIC HOST:  We ask that the Bible Bowlers* let everyone else catch up. Don’t blurt out answers to the questions OK?  That wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the people who are not yet Bible experts.

THIS, however, is the way I transcribed the scene in the script:

COMIC HOST: (German accent) Unt NOW! Vee gunna ask dat ze Bible Bowlahs let ze rrrest of de beoples catchen-zee up vis you, unt you don’t anzer ze qvetions too early. Dat vill not be fay-ah for ze rrrrest of ze beoples who are not expertz YET in ze Bibluuuuhl, Yah!

NOTE TO SELF:  If you don’t want the OTHER Comic Host at our sister campus (who uses this same script) to push you in the dirt… next time, just use plain English… he can add the accent.

 errr, I mean, I’m sorry Brian. That must have been nearly impossible to read. Seriously, Dude.   Please forgive me.    hugs, V-

PS.  Dear Co-Host Dawn, I’m sorry that onstage I kept calling you “Helga” all morning.  OK.   No.  I’m not.  not.  really.  sorry.  Because it was funny and it’s even funnier knowing your enitre family will be calling you Helga for weeks and weeks now and in fact you may never live this one down and every time I think about it I start laughing again and… …I’m not worried about you pushing me in the dirt because I’m not sure you could catch me and there I’ve said it out loud now well sort of because I’m not really talking I’m typing but just the same whatever and I’m pretty sure there’s nothing you can do about it now anyway because it’s water under the bridge and you have to be nice to me because we’re Christians and I’m pretty sure God will strike you with lightening if you seek revenge and that’s pretty much all I have to say about that. Mwahahahahaha!!! er… I mean… hugs,  v-

*We have a youth team that competes nationally with their Bible skills and knowledge.  These guys are nationally ranked and have some SERIOUS skills when it comes to the Bible.  Check ’em out here.

Fredrick Sam’s Fabulous Fringe and Flower Fiesta

Sam's sweater vest gets an update

Peace out, yo.

Sweater update for Sam

Cammie and Sam (aka Heather and Christine) picked up cool knit sweater to update Sam’s look at the Fredrick Campus.  They paired it with a bright, abstract patterned green flow-y shirt.

At first glance, these pics look a little like we attached girl scout badges LOL!!! Maybe that’s because of the turtle-neck.  But paired with the bright v-neck shirt Sam wears with wide flowy sleeves, it looks just right.

Not the look we were going for, LOL.

Phil (Creative Director) wanted us to punch up the flower power on the fringy sweater, keeping the look very Boulder Bohemian, and Christine wanted a great big peace sign on the back, so I picked up some flower appliques  and a big iron-on peace sign.  Michael’s craft store had packs of cool “flair” buttons with saying things like “tree hugger”, “don’t be trashy – recycle”,   “save water”  etc.  So I picked up a bunch of those as well. 

Thanks for the inspiration Jen (a la Office Space)

My friend Caroline was over at the house when I needed a model, (see the steampunk costume blog entry)  ttp://vsplash.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/womans-steampunk-costume/  and there is a cool Rush Hour connection there.  Caroline is married to Keenan, who played Tyler at the Niwot campus for years until he “retired” to begin a middle-school drama program at Rocky. 
Thanks Caroline, for agreeing to be my model!  hugs, V-

Update on little dresses for Ethiopia

Bandana dresses!

HI!  If you read my blog, you’ll know I’ve been making dresses for the Howlett family to take to Ethiopia on their mission trip to work at an orphanage (scheduled for December).    

This update is to show you some pics of the “bandana” dresses I made to go with the “pillowcase” dresses.  Both the how-to links can be found on the howlett’s blog: http://thehowletts5.blogspot.com/       

This is the link I used for the bandana dress pattern:  http://www.girlythingsbows.com/bandana_dress.html    

my motto: every stitch an act of worship.

These dresses are not difficult.  If you want to spread a little love one little girl or boy at a time (the guys need shorts and t’s) please contact the Howlett family at the link above or go here…  http://www.littledressesforafrica.org/blog/  

Because I posted this project on my blog, someone said to me,  “only a power as big as a government can change individual lives”.  Pffft.  That’s my response.  Pffffffft and double pffft. 
I posted this because doing this work made me really happy and I want to encourage YOU to help out in whatever way YOUR gifts and talents and interests lead you.  Whether you share my Christian beliefs or just want to make a small difference in your world, you will understand that I think love starts on a person-to-person basis.  These dresses only cost about $2 each to make (not counting your labor which is beyond a price to God).  Do you want to spend that time watching Simpson’s re-runs, or giving a gift to a little girl who lost her Mom to the African AIDS epidemic?  We will show love – even if our own hands never get to personally tie the ribbons on their new dresses. 
Do your thing!  Get after it!

hugs, V-

Litle Girl Dresses for Ethiopia (Pillowcase Dresses)


My Rush Hour friend Heather, who plays Cammie at our Fredrick Campus, suggested a dress-making project to support orphans in an Ethiopian community. Check out this link to understand the scope of what the Howletts are trying to achieve.   http://thehowletts5.blogspot.com/   

Here’s a link to the pattern I chose to use…    http://sewingmamas.com/b/downloads.php?do=file&id=17  I made 6 dresses like this.   

 I was a little concerned about how the dresses would be laundered, and how the ribbon might hold up. I decided to try THIS pattern next… http://freshlypicked.blogspot.com/2008/03/pillow-case-dress-tutorial.html  because the ties are sewn in as elongated casings on the sleeves.   

Fabric and ribbon!


Aleah (my daughter) and I went shopping for pillowcases which we first washed, dried, and ironed.  

We washed, dried and ironed the cases first.


We wanted to launder the fabric before beginning so we could pre-shrink and check them out to see if the would hold up long-term.  We didn’t want to send dresses that would disappoint little girls by raveling or shrinking the first time they were washed.   

After learning they have an outdoor latrine, we weren’t sure about their access to laundry facilities and an iron for pressing clothing, so we tried our best to think about those things while choosing our materials.  



... sew ...


Thread some ribbon...


... and VOILA!


These were constructed using the method found at the first link we listed above.  After making several of these using the simple design, I was ready to move on to the more challenging pattern, which I thought would  be longer-lasting and a little more rugged.  I used the pattern found at the second link above, and the dresses turned out to be SOOOO cute!  

We added some ribbon trim to the dresses made with solid fabric, just to give them a little extra cuteness.  🙂   

Thanks again to my friend Heather for the suggestion!  And thanks to the Howlett family for all you do!  

Hugs, V-

RH Service Project

Some of our Rush Hour Family gets together to sod Mrs. F's lawn.

At Rush Hour, we really are a family.  So “the fam” got together yesterday to help out with a project at Mrs. F’s house!  Darlene, who plays Mrs. F at our Fredrick campus needed to borrow some muscle to freshen up her yard… so the Rush Hour family showed up in a big way.  Over 40 people, all affiliated with Rush Hour, (including a professional landscaper!) got together to do the spring cleanup including a complete re-sodding of the front lawn.  We even helped weed and sod parts of two neighbors’ houses because we had extra lawn materials left over.  The coolest part was how many Crew kids came.  It was AWESOME!!!  They even got to hold the neighbor’s tarantula!  Talk about the virtue of COURAGE!!!!  hugs, V-

Insert your own one-liner here. (K.C., Greg, and Phil)



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