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Rush Hour

 Whazza “Rush Hour”?  Click here to for cool vids, staff profiles, times, locations and other cool stuff…   http://www.rushhourcolorado.com/ 

A 45-minute weekly experience that uses music, drama, and storytelling to entertain and inspire. Because we believe so much in the family unit, we have created an experience that is:

  • Virtue Driven – where character and faith are taught by emphasizing a monthly virtue.
  • Family Centered – where parents and kids spend quality time together.
  • Creatively Wired – where video, lights, sound and drama are used to make a lasting impression.
  • Kid Focused – where learning is fun and relevant for elementary-age kids.
  • User Friendly – where your friends will thank you for bringing them.
  • Volunteer Fueled – where everyone can participate and get connected.

On January 21, 2007, Rocky Mountain Christian Church launched one of the most highly-anticipated programs in its 25-year history: Rush Hour.  Since then, hundreds of parents and children have come together on a weekly basis to sing, laugh, learn, and grow together on a Sunday morning.
Rush Hour fits under the model for Family Ministry that has been adopted and initiated by RMCCWe believe that the key to raising happy and spiritually healthy children lies with the parents, and that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church.  With that in mind, we set forth to create an environment specifically set aside for parents and kids to open the door for meaningful dialogue and teachable moments. 
The response to the Rush Hour  experience has been overwhelming!  Parents all along the front range now have a tool they can use to both challenge and inspire their kids to live out the message of Jesus Christ.  Kids now have a place where they can hang out and have fun, with their parents, in a high-energy environment that’s both educational and exciting.  And our families are discovering some of the things that God is doing in us to change the world around us!
Rush Hour meets on Sunday Mornings at both of the campuses of RMCC.  

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  1. Tom and Patricia Byrne said:

    Thank you for the camel plans. We are putting one (yours) together for church Christmas Party. Having lots of fun which is main thing. Face has been the hardest thing so far.
    Ps… there are no good camel jokes on net. period.

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