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Making makeup = FAIL!

LOL.  Just to prove not every idea is a keeper, check out these pics!  I found TONS of recipes for making home-made clown white makeup on the web. Most involved white talcum powder, corn starch, or flour and shortening or moisturizer.  I tried about 6 different recipes and NOT ONE passed muster for me.  But we really had fun trying.   In life, sometimes the failures are more fun than the successes.  Oh!  BTW, I never count something as a failure just because it hasn’t worked out yet.  It’s only when I quit trying that I tag it as an unsuccessful effort.  In this case? Yep, we gave up, we quit, we threw in the towel, we admitted defeat.  ROFL.   See for yourself…  

Gathering the ingredients. High hopes at this point!


Goop mixing.


Maybe we should try a different recipe, or two, or six.


When the model gets grumpy, it may be time to re-think the whole project!


Well,  live and learn.  I wouldn’t trade the time spent with my daughter Aleah for anything, so the makeup may have been a massive fail, but the afternoon spent with Aleah = priceless!   

hugs, v-


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