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The “cloppers”

Woot the Monty Python!

Here’s a quick, simple “how-to”.

Remember Monty Python and the Holy Grail?  As the knights galloped around the country-side, they were actually on foot, galloping along accompanied by the sound of horses hooves they made by clop-ping two coconut shells together.  Recently, I got the idea that Reginald Fastidious III (actor and orator extraordinaire) should enter, exit, and generally cavort about the stage to the sound of clopping horses.  I didn’t have any coconut shells around the house, but I did have some red plastic cups that made an appropriate clopping sound when the open mouths of the cups were klonk’d together.  Thusly: 

Bring the Cloppers together thusly with a resounding clonk!


I draped them around the actor's neck with a string for "hands-free" acting when the cloppers are not in use.

Note the cloppers hanging from Brian's neck at rehearsals.


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