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Update on little dresses for Ethiopia

Bandana dresses!

HI!  If you read my blog, you’ll know I’ve been making dresses for the Howlett family to take to Ethiopia on their mission trip to work at an orphanage (scheduled for December).    

This update is to show you some pics of the “bandana” dresses I made to go with the “pillowcase” dresses.  Both the how-to links can be found on the howlett’s blog: http://thehowletts5.blogspot.com/       

This is the link I used for the bandana dress pattern:  http://www.girlythingsbows.com/bandana_dress.html    

my motto: every stitch an act of worship.

These dresses are not difficult.  If you want to spread a little love one little girl or boy at a time (the guys need shorts and t’s) please contact the Howlett family at the link above or go here…  http://www.littledressesforafrica.org/blog/  

Because I posted this project on my blog, someone said to me,  “only a power as big as a government can change individual lives”.  Pffft.  That’s my response.  Pffffffft and double pffft. 
I posted this because doing this work made me really happy and I want to encourage YOU to help out in whatever way YOUR gifts and talents and interests lead you.  Whether you share my Christian beliefs or just want to make a small difference in your world, you will understand that I think love starts on a person-to-person basis.  These dresses only cost about $2 each to make (not counting your labor which is beyond a price to God).  Do you want to spend that time watching Simpson’s re-runs, or giving a gift to a little girl who lost her Mom to the African AIDS epidemic?  We will show love – even if our own hands never get to personally tie the ribbons on their new dresses. 
Do your thing!  Get after it!

hugs, V-


Tassel making

Here’s an easy way to make a tassel.  I used these to decorate a long set of reins I made for a Camel costume.    hugs, V-    

click to enlarge image

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