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Idea for “Broken” costume

You know how, as Christians, we want to be broken for Christ, which I TOTALLY get.  But sometimes, my friends and I wonder how God can see beauty in our broken-ness.  We’ll  I found this on the web today.      

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Beauty in broken-ness.


Fantastic. I wonder what adhesive the artist used.


I thought these would make a great costume, so I nabbed them for future reference.  Just the cool factor alone!  Imagine this costume made out of colorful broken tile or shards of terra cotta pottery.    

Photos are attributed to a photographer called “silversky”.   Can’t you just imagine an inspirational music video?  Making three of these costumes, starting with simple broken clay and progressing to the mirror shards?    

What Bible verses would work with this?  What songs?   

hugs, V-


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