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Japanese paper lanterns – application to costume making

Hi!  I was thinking about storage problems for costumes, and I realised being able to compress costumes that use a sphere as a base to a flat shape for storage might prove to be very useful. I was thinking about shapes that collapse for storage and two ideas came to me. 

#1 Scarlet O’Hara’s hoop skirt
#2 Japanese lanterns 

Whale bone is a little hard to come by these days, so the Scarlet idea is impractical, BUT… the Japanese lantern idea seemed to have some merit.  http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Japanese-Paper-Lantern 

I found a helpful little how-to at the link above, and decided that this design, made with floral wire and plastic sheeting (like the cheap picnic table cloths you get in party supply stores) could provide the simple circular shape (or ANY shape, really) for making light-weight, collapse-for-storage designs that could stand up to more wear and tear than paper-covered lanterns. 

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I can imagine this use for making a “globe”, the moon, a tomato or blueberry, the watermelon idea I came up with a little while back, an ice cube, a stone block, any costume based on a sphere, rectangle, square, or pyramid shape could be created using this technique I think. The trick would be faux painting the outside pattern and finding paints that would work for more complicated designs. 

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