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Protecting your sound equipment from errr… water

A “lip microphone” setup for Rush Hour looks like this…   

Not an endorsement. But here's a sample... Countryman IsoMax E6 EarSet Microphone

Recently, an actor who shall remain nameless but who’s initials being with “V” had an issue where she tucked her microphone pac into her back pocket as she usually does, BEFORE she used the ladies room, and gave her mic pac a burial at sea.  This happened not just once… but, yes. Twice.  I p… I mean SHE paid for the replacement of one pac, and the other one was salvaged, but to avoid future embarrassment…. she came up with an idea for female actors…  (men CAN have this problem as well, but … oh, YOU figure it out, this blog is G-rated).  

 A simple pocket sewn onto the back of a sleeveless undershirt gives a female actor a way to preserve modesty when having a male tech help her with her mic, keeps the mic in place, and can prevent unintentional baptism events for the mic pac. 

Pocket shirt

 This same thing came in handy when Cammie make the comment that the weight of her mic pac was pulling down the waist of her cheer pants.  I whipped up one of these for her, and now… no more yanking at the waist of her pants.  And it’s snug enough, and sits in the small of her back, to prevent that square-mic-pac-bulge at the shoulder-blades or the waist of the pants. 




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