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Makeup Demo – old age

For Rush hour, we do an old age makeup every Sunday to age Grandpa Henry.  I thought it might be helpful to you to see a demo of an old age makeup.  I’m frustrated with the quality of the video but I checked on my daughter’s laptop and it seems to be OK, so we’ll go with it as is.   

Thanks tons to my daughter who is only 19 and has beautiful, smooth skin.  Can’t BELIEVE she let me do this, she is SUCH a good sport!! 

Starting with a blank slate, a smooth face, you will want to apply wrinkles and stippling in these areas: 

For supplies… my favorite stage makeup is Ben Nye.    http://www.bennye.com/   This tends to be pricey, but will yield the best results.  All you really need is

  1. A medium foundation
  2. A white (or very, very light) cream     (in a pinch, “clown white” that you buy at the Halloween store will work)
  3. A VERY dark brown or black cream  (ditto the note about Halloween makeup)

I like to apply a basic moisturizer first.  This will protect the skin, and make the makeup easier to remove later.  It will also make the skin smoother and facilitate blending.  Men and teenagers usually protest the moisturizer the most, so I believe in the idea of natural consequences.  Just let em TRY to get heavy makeup off without that nice layer of moisturizer first.  Plus, with rough, dry man-skin, the application will take longer and be more uncomfortable for them.   Mwahahahahaha! 

As with any “art project”  applying old age wrinkles uses the concept of highlights and shadow (aka lowlights).  I explain this in the video. 

One note I wanted to explain about aging and symmetry is something I was kind of  incoherent about during the video.    Here’s what I was TRYING to say….   I’ve read some scientific articles about how skin cells are constantly regenerating, replacing themselves.  As we age, skin overexposed to the cigarette smoke, the sun, or tanning booths, or a bad diet, will cause DNA inside the skin cells to become damaged.  When that cell tries to read the DNA instructions to reproduce itself,  it will read the flaws in the damaged DNA and reproduce imperfectly.  Magnify these imperfections over a lifetime, and you get skin that is damaged by more than just lack of collagen.  What that means to applying an old age makeup is… perfect symmetry is not only un-necessary… it’s incorrect.

You don’t have to be this elaborate with your makeup.  Simplification of these basic ideas will give you a nice look from a distance, but practice is the best way to speed the process up. 

hugs, V-


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