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Orange Costume Idea

Orange suit idea


Here’s an idea I have for the next time we need an “Orange” costume.  The same idea would work for any citrus fruit, I’m sure!  LOL.  Keep in mind… unlike most of the costume ideas on my blog,  this is still in the idea stage, I havent actually tried to construct it yet!  This is how I get started with a creative idea, though.  If I end up building it, I’ll post an update.      

The whole thing could be drawn as a faux (fake 3-D) design on poster-board.  Easy, cheap, done!  But with more time, $$ and effort, this could really be a conversation piece after a presentation on the concept of  “going orange.”  Imagine wearing a foam rubber orange slice to your church’s next staff meeting to make your pitch!!!    

This could also be made out of spray-painted upholstery foam (available from fabric stores).  That should be stiff enough to hold the circular shape.  Alternatively, I could use a cardboard circle COVERED with foam.  To cover the foam circles, I am thinking I would use orange tissue paper, the type used for wrapping gifts.  Orange poster board would be heavier, but would look great.  Yellow yarn glued on would look good for out-lining the segments, I think.  So would yellow glitter glue.     

... or watermelon, Kiwi, lemon....

I would use yellow, self adhesive fun-foam cut-outs for the seeds, and orange cloth strips for the shoulder straps.     

Put the actor in an orange or white track suit… or tights and oversized t-shirt, and voila!    

hugs, V-


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