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Shakespeare in the house!

For Oct. 3rd’s Rush Hour, I need to come up with quick-change Shakespeare costumes for both campuses.  I’ve decided to go with an oversized “pirate” shirt, you know, puffy sleeves, simple neckline… very loose, black knee-length pants, a big low-slung belt and a fun Shakespeare-ish hat.    Here’s the pattern I chose for the shirt.  I found fabric for $1.50/yard at my fave discount store “Wally-World”. Woot the fact that it is October and cheap fabric is readily available for Halloween! 

Simplicity pattern. click to enlarge.

I liked this design alot!  I even tested it out sewing it in pink and purple cammo material… which of course I will use for my “V” character later in the season.  Adding in a pink “Hanna Montana” fedora.  Yes, I’ll post pics later.

 I also need to make some human-sized computer costumes.   Aaaand, with some slight modifications, we’ll re-use the purple Captain Individuality” costumes for a new character… “Captain Moxy!” 

This shirt SO reminds me of the “Puffy Shirt” episode from Jerry Seinfeld!

Jerry's "Puffy Shirt"

Stay tuned for updates and pics as the project progresses.  

hugs, V-


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