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Don’t touch my ‘bot.

Rush Hour won a trip to Orange 2010 Conference to present two workshops about producing a family worship service on a shoe string.  The script called for Gordo and Vinny to have robots.     

'bots watching rehearsal. (Photo credit: Brian Dawson)


We originally had a couple of 10-inch tall robots, which were great and only cost $1 each.  BUT!!!!  Then, at the Orange 2010 conference itself, I went to a workshop that totally inspired me to go over the top.  So I hit Walgreens next door to the conference center and literally went up and down the aisles shopping for supplies I could use to build some whackier ‘bots.      

I worked on them until about two in the morning and had a blast with them.  Here are Vinny (Greg) and Gordo (Dwight) and I clowning around with the bots during rehearsals.      

Vinny, V, and Gordo with the bots


  I made them by using foam swimming noodles for the arms and poster board boxes for the bodies.  Add some silver and black duct tape, a couple of styrofoam cups and viola.     

The cool thing about working in a hotel meeting room at one in the morning was that I got to meet Veronique, a recent immigrant from Africa who came in to clean the room.  Getting to know her was one of the highlights of the trip for me.  I even named the bots in honor of our new friendship.  She is tall, beautiful, statuesque, and I’m short, round and kinda goofy looking.  So I named the tall blue ‘bot “Veronique” and the shorter orange one “Vanessa.”  The real Veronique really liked the way her namesake turned out.  🙂     

So here is how I made them…     

1. cut arms, toes, and legs out of swim noodles.  I just used scissors to cut the foam.  By cutting a wedge out at the bend of the elbows and using duct tape, I was able to make the arms bend at the elbows.     


2. construct poster board boxes for head and body.     

click to enlarge


3. cut hands and small “radar dishes” out of poster board (you may want to cut out bolts for the neck, antenna, etc.)     

4. Hot glue the pieces together (I used rubber cement which was a poor substitute)     

5.  Add duct tape for stability and decoration.  I made the legs look like they were wearing boots by using duct tape and some wedge shape foam pieces.     

6. Draw on eyes, cut buttons, nobs, and gadget looking stuff out of poster board scraps, and decorate your bots.  One bot had to have hair like Vinny’s so I made some long “fringe” out of silver duct tape and made that work.      

It turns out, these ‘bots were really tough,  almost indestructible!  Gordo had to fling himself down on the orange one to smash it (the script called for it to be destroyed).  It was a wonderful body slam, a la World Wrestling Federation!  Alas, though, we didn’t buy the bot a plane ticket home, so we had to say good-bye at the airport.      

Bye Bye 'Bot! Photo credit: Brian Dawson



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