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Christmas Set Idea

Rush Hour has produced two editions of “A Very Merry Rush Hour.”  This set idea is from the first one.  A member of our congregation owned and operated a custom shipping container business.  (He is no longer in that business or I would give you his contract info!).  Basically, he had a computerized box design business, so we were able to send him images of what we needed and he designed 3-d cardboard images for us that could be assembled and painted by our Rush Hour staff and volunteers.   

 Painting both sides of the cardboard pieces prevents a curling effect that can happen when liquids are applied to only one side.  Doing that also allowed us to hang the snowflakes with clear fishing line with no worry about an unsightly unpainted side.   

The trees were made from two pieces of cardboard, with an “insert tab A into slot B”  type of design.   

Since this particular year we used the main auditorium for the production, we  needed a set design that was flexible enough to serve the Rush Hour production but could be set up in advance to compliment our Advent Season sermon series in the main worship space.  The blue background against the white simple set pieces made a beautiful backdrop for Sunday Worship and could easily be re-arranged to suit out needs for Very Merry Rush Hour.
This set design was from the imagination of Kevin Diaz who was at the time producing Rush Hour and directing many of the aesthetic aspects of our church.  He’s brilliant.  So was this set design.

Jumping for "Joy!"



Wondering about the airborne crew member in the second pic? We filmed a media time piece where we had the kids jump on a mini-trampoline shouting “Joy!”  That was a hoot.  We also interviewed them asking them to tell us some things about how they felt about joy and Christmas.  We got some great footage to use for the media time from that, and the kids had a blast.   

Here’s hoping a little cardboard and some white paint inspires your set crew to take it to new heights!  

hugs, V-

Another set design (Vacation Bible School Set) using the same painted cardboard technique.



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