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First Blog

So…. THIS is what it is like to blog. OK. It’s official. I have a blog. I thought having one of these would make me feel… i┬ádunno, more “techie” or less “modern” and more “post-modern.” Maybe I need to let the idea sink in a little more, b’cause right now, it just feels like V, only now V has a blog.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to post, so I should clue you into a debate that is going on inside my head. The topic of the debate is this: how personal should I be with this blog? The answer for right now is… I dunno. That will just evolve I suppose.

For now, I just want to post some how-to info for current and potential involve-ees interested in our very unique Family Ministry experience at Rocky Mountain Christian Church, called Rush Hour.

I’ll post some basic acting tips, stage directions, terms, audition basics, and some thoughts on what makes the highly “presentational” style of acting used in Rush Hour so very different from other acting styles.

There will be some basic acting info here for our newbies that any beginning actor/director may find useful. (BTW, the term “newbie” – to me – is NOT a derogatory term b/c we are ALL newbies every time we take on a new acting venue!).

There will also be some content that is NOT going to work for “normal” stage acting, or that may not fly in your particular theatrical environment. Use what you want, ignore what doesn’t fit your sitch.

Lastly, for today… this blog is also supposed to be fun for me. The most whacky, creative, insane, wonderful, Christ-centered people I know give their time to Rush Hour. It’s a wild ride, and I feel a little guilty keeping that all to myself. So here ‘tiz! V’s Dankadactyl Blog. hugs, v-


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