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Knight Costume

Sir Ted of the Round Table

We need a Knight costume for Rush Hour, so here’s what I came up with.  It’s a simple brown cotton tunic and a tabard.  I cut the tabard trim out of brown fleece. That’s also what I used to cut out a graphic for the tabard (which I top stitched on).  I chose to use a sword for the tabard emblem … very Biblical y’know. Sword of truth.

Thanks to my awesome husband for modeling this for me after a long day at the office.  He’s such a good sport.  He would NOT however, agree to model the matching renaissance princess outfit.  Something about … posting that on the web ….  mumble… not wearing a dress… grumble… <snicker>


Placemat Jacket How-to

Well, this was an interesting project!  The script called for a coat made from the month’s giveaway which were some paper placemats.  I first ironed the paper to some very lightweight interfacing to keep the paper from tearing as I worked with it.  I tried sewing it, but wound up using good old duct tape to hold it together and to outline and emphasize some features like pockets.  My  fellow RH co-host Donna was my model.  🙂

Hot glue, a few buttons, and a magic marker helped add some detail.

After sewing the sleeves on and turning it right-side-out, the interfacing began to tear between the placemats. PLAN B! GET THE DUCT TAPE!

The finished product

Ironing the placemats to some iron-on interfacing

It was pretty flimsy with just the lightweight interfacing to hold it together, so Donna and I re-inforced it with good ole duct tape.

By connecting several of the mats together to make "fabric", I cut out pieces to sew together for the jacket.

Watermelon Costume Idea

Phil (our beloved and fearless leader) asked me the other day if I could come up with a watermelon costume.       

I THINK I can, I think I can, I think I can.


I love watermelon.  I understand it.  I totally “grok” watermelon. (there’s a reference that will expose my age! Trivia question, how old am I since I was born 1 year AFTER “Stranger In A Strange Land” was written.)  LOL.   

Well… we didn’t end up using that idea, so I didn’t construct the costume, but here’s the design I came up with.     

There are tons of ways you could make this!  See my  costume idea for an “orange slice” costume if you want to make a quick one out of poster-board. https://vsplash.wordpress.com/2010/05/21/orange-costume-idea/ Just follow the directions below for the sweat suit underneath and voila!      

BUT of course, I saw this costume a little differently in my head.  I wanted to make something a little more like THIS:      

You might be a redneck if...


Materials list:  Sewing machine or iron-on hemming tape, green watermelon fabric (3-4 yards), hanger wire or heavy floral/craft wire, red baggy sweat-suit, red cap, hot glue and glue-gun.     

Step one.  Find green and white striped fabric that looks watermelon-ish.  I would probably buy 3-4 yards.  If I couldn’t find the stuff I liked, I would probably literally spray paint green fabric from a distance with white paint to make it look like a watermelon’s stripes.     

Step two.  Buy black fun foam to cut into seeds, I would get the kind that has an adhesive back to it, even though I would hot glue it on.  That way I could check placement before making a seed placement committment.  🙂     

click to enlarge image


Step three.  Find (or sew) a red baggy sweat suit and cap of some kind.  Faded is FINE for this project!  watermelon innards are more pink than red anyway.     

Step 4.  Attach black seeds to the sweat suit and cap with hot-glue. It would be cool if the actor wore black shoes.     

Step 5. Construct two circle shapes out of hanger or other heavy wire.  This will hold the shape of the watermelon at the shoulders and the waist. (see diagram).     

Step 6.  Fold over the top and bottom of the fabric and sew a channel that is wide enough to run your curved wire through (leave extra room if you use iron-on hem tape!) .  Sew a strip of scrap cloth at the “waist” of the fabric wide enough to hold another loop of wire.  This wire will help keep the rounded shape all the way to the bottom of the costume.     

click to enlarge


Step 7.  Attach shoulder straps (made from ribbon, red fabric, or left over green watermelon fabric.     

Step 8.  With right sides together, sew the back seam so that the green fabric forms a curved shape larger at the top than at the bottom.  Make sure the bottom is wide enough to accommodate the actor’s legs!!!  Cut off the extra fabric once you are sure the shape will work.     

I would pin this together first and try it on a victim, err, I mean a volunteer to make sure I get the shape right,  As long as you don’t leave ugly exposed edges, you could always hot glue this “seam” I suppose, although a sewing machine made seam would stand the test of time better, in my opinion.  If you want the costume worn like the baby pic above, with the top ring under the arms of the actors, then TA DAHHH! You are finished.  If you want the top ring to be higher, shorten the straps so the ring sits above the shoulders, and cut arm holes. You may want to get fancy and turn these arm-hole edges under so they don’t ravel.  Just hot glue or iron hem tape to secure them.     

Without actually MAKING this thing (cough! Phil! cough!) this is the best I can offer in terms of a how-to, but I just know the ones you make will look FABULOUS!!!     

hugs, V-

Don’t touch my ‘bot.

Rush Hour won a trip to Orange 2010 Conference to present two workshops about producing a family worship service on a shoe string.  The script called for Gordo and Vinny to have robots.     

'bots watching rehearsal. (Photo credit: Brian Dawson)


We originally had a couple of 10-inch tall robots, which were great and only cost $1 each.  BUT!!!!  Then, at the Orange 2010 conference itself, I went to a workshop that totally inspired me to go over the top.  So I hit Walgreens next door to the conference center and literally went up and down the aisles shopping for supplies I could use to build some whackier ‘bots.      

I worked on them until about two in the morning and had a blast with them.  Here are Vinny (Greg) and Gordo (Dwight) and I clowning around with the bots during rehearsals.      

Vinny, V, and Gordo with the bots


  I made them by using foam swimming noodles for the arms and poster board boxes for the bodies.  Add some silver and black duct tape, a couple of styrofoam cups and viola.     

The cool thing about working in a hotel meeting room at one in the morning was that I got to meet Veronique, a recent immigrant from Africa who came in to clean the room.  Getting to know her was one of the highlights of the trip for me.  I even named the bots in honor of our new friendship.  She is tall, beautiful, statuesque, and I’m short, round and kinda goofy looking.  So I named the tall blue ‘bot “Veronique” and the shorter orange one “Vanessa.”  The real Veronique really liked the way her namesake turned out.  🙂     

So here is how I made them…     

1. cut arms, toes, and legs out of swim noodles.  I just used scissors to cut the foam.  By cutting a wedge out at the bend of the elbows and using duct tape, I was able to make the arms bend at the elbows.     


2. construct poster board boxes for head and body.     

click to enlarge


3. cut hands and small “radar dishes” out of poster board (you may want to cut out bolts for the neck, antenna, etc.)     

4. Hot glue the pieces together (I used rubber cement which was a poor substitute)     

5.  Add duct tape for stability and decoration.  I made the legs look like they were wearing boots by using duct tape and some wedge shape foam pieces.     

6. Draw on eyes, cut buttons, nobs, and gadget looking stuff out of poster board scraps, and decorate your bots.  One bot had to have hair like Vinny’s so I made some long “fringe” out of silver duct tape and made that work.      

It turns out, these ‘bots were really tough,  almost indestructible!  Gordo had to fling himself down on the orange one to smash it (the script called for it to be destroyed).  It was a wonderful body slam, a la World Wrestling Federation!  Alas, though, we didn’t buy the bot a plane ticket home, so we had to say good-bye at the airport.      

Bye Bye 'Bot! Photo credit: Brian Dawson


Egyptian Headpiece Costume Idea

When a script called for Egyptian back-up singers for a song about Moses, we were able to pull the shirts from our costume inventory, but we needed 6 Egyptian headpieces in a hurry.  This is what I came up with…  hugs, V- 

The materials needed include
  •        your sewing machine (you could use iron-on hemming tape if you prefer)
  •        a hot-glue gun and glue sticks for it
  •        some heavy-weight interfacing
  •        10″ of decorative trim
  •        a girl’s plastic head band
  •        a yard of striped fabric
  •        some fun foam to cut out a cobra decoration
Here are the steps I followed:
     1.  Hem the edges of the square of fabric.
     2. cut an 8″ x 4″ piece of interfacing and iron, hot-glue, or sew it to the center edge of the fabric. (see diagram below)
     3.  hot glue the interfacing/fabric to the headband
     4.  hot glue the trim onto the head-piece
     5.  cut out the cobra shape from the fun foam and hot glue it to the head-piece

Egyptian headpiece requirements


attach the interfacing and headband. Note the direction of the stripes.


Attach the trim and the cobra cut-out.


Notice the headband is worn across the forehead. The ears keep it from falling over the eyes.


RH Service Project

Some of our Rush Hour Family gets together to sod Mrs. F's lawn.

At Rush Hour, we really are a family.  So “the fam” got together yesterday to help out with a project at Mrs. F’s house!  Darlene, who plays Mrs. F at our Fredrick campus needed to borrow some muscle to freshen up her yard… so the Rush Hour family showed up in a big way.  Over 40 people, all affiliated with Rush Hour, (including a professional landscaper!) got together to do the spring cleanup including a complete re-sodding of the front lawn.  We even helped weed and sod parts of two neighbors’ houses because we had extra lawn materials left over.  The coolest part was how many Crew kids came.  It was AWESOME!!!  They even got to hold the neighbor’s tarantula!  Talk about the virtue of COURAGE!!!!  hugs, V-

Insert your own one-liner here. (K.C., Greg, and Phil)



New DOLLAR TREE in our town!


V goes Rush hour shopping at the dollar store.


So WHY did I not know a Dollar Tree just opened in Longmont!?  Two weeks ago?  Where have I been!?   

I stocked up today on a couple of Rush Hour goodies.  Got some foam swords, some crock hats, things like that.  Woot!  

 hugs, V-

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